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Contact Phil here. Philmusic@aol.com  

I am known for my versatility.  As a musical artist I do many things. I am available for the following:

                                            Fees are negotable, but will always fall under the guidlines of the American Composers Forum.
You can purchase music or recordings in four simple steps.
    1. First, you contact Phil Fried at philmusic@aol.com. You tell him what music you would like. These will be sent to you as pdf files.
    2. To purchase music or recordings click here.  
    3. At the bottom of the page click "Phil's Sheet Music Sales Central" which links you to the Moodle page (At this time this is the only way to access the Moodle page).
    4. Log in as a guest.
    5. Purchase with paypal.

    When paypal informs me that you have paid, the music file(s) will be sent from the philmusic@aol.com address. You need to e-mail Phil to confirm your order.
    You are allowed unlimited personal copies and you can make one copy only for an accompanist.
    Please inform me of any performances for my records.  That's it.
Ask me about discounts for song sets and multiple purchases, as well as practice tracks, or midi or live recordings etc.  I can change the key of a work for  an additional charge.