Instrumental Works


Symphony No. 2 Replay for Orchestra, 2013, 5 movements, 30.00  Selections 35,36,37 midi

Episodes, orchestral piece, cenntenial commission by the Minnesota Orchestra for "Extreme Orchestra" concerts Fall 2006, One movement, 5.20

Elements for Orchestra (1987-90) Four movements, 35 minutes. Available in two orchestrations: one for standard orchestra, one for large orchestra: 6 horns, two harps, 6 percussion, score parts and a tape of Movements 3, 4 are available.

Concert Band

Esquisse for Concert Band, (1999), 12 minutes, commissioned by the Augsberg College Band for their Western States tour.  
Selection 60 midi 

Esquisse 2 for Concert Band, (2000), 12 minutes, commissioned by the Augsburg College Band for their European tour. CD available 
Selection 9

Chamber Music

Itty Bitty Symphony, or Not a Lotta Sonata, (2008) commissioned by Zeitgiest for their 30th anniversary concert, 2 Pitched Percussion, Piano, Bass Clarinet 2:30 minutes

Trio (1998) commission by Mary Jo Gothmann Trio piano, cello, flute/piccolo 20 minutes

Oboe Trio (1990) oboe (dbl. English horn), cello, piano 15 minutes parts & CD available.

String Quintet No. 2 (1986) string quartet, double bass 13 minutes parts & CD available.
Selection 49

Piano Trio (1984) violin, cello, piano 12 minutes parts & CD available. Selection 28

Woodwind Quartet (1980) flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon 10 minutes parts & CD available.

Incidental music for Medea (2002), Piano 8 hands, 4 minutes Commissioned by the Theatre de la June Lune.

Solo Instruments
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I Remember the 60's, or was it the 70's? (2006) solo piano 7 minutes, commissioned by Nikki Melville for her CD Melville's Dozen. On line here: WNYC Also arranged for String Bass Solo. See my Vid on the main page!

Concert work for Double Bass (2005), 20 minutes, commissioned by Peter Loyd. Orchestration as a Concerto in progress.

Fantasy for Piano (1989) solo piano 8 minutes CD available.
Selection 48

Solo for Flute (1989) solo flute 10 minutes

Three Movements for Piano, (1986) solo piano, 8 minutes, CD available. Selections 1,2,3

With Electronics

Study for Flute and Tape (1984) solo flute, electronic tape 5 minutes parts & tape available--also a CD
 Man and Machine 1-20, 2-40 -etc. Duets etc., Solo Bass Improvisations with real time Analog sound processing   Selections 17, 26, 27, 38, 39, 27, 58, 59 etc.
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Vocal Works

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Locket Arias, (2013), One Act, 6 scenes, Libretto by Ruth Margraff from her play, 6 singers, chorus. 1:15 complete. Nicchia, Lola Montez Selection 62, Apollonie Selection 61, Cora Pearl, Camille, sopranos, La Paiva, Mezzo aria w/ chorus. Piano, piano with small ensemble, and full orchestra

A Character Never Dies full length grand opera In progress
A motley group of opera characters learn their fate by reading the libretto. Their demise foretold, they attempt to make their escape before the curtain rises. Rather than certain death hilarity ensues.
2 Mezzos 2 Sopranos 1 Baritone 1 Bass 2 Tenors,  Piano vocal and orchestral score.  Completed Arias and ensembles are listed here.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro, (2001-8) 2.5 hours. Complete, Bass (ossia Baritone), soprano, two pianos. Full orchestra, libretto adapted by Phil Fried, from the Hemingway short story

The Dungeon of Esmeralda (1992-94), opera in two acts -- two orchestrations chamber ens. (strings, percussion), full orchestra,  2 hours, piano/vocal score, ensemble score, full orchestra in prep. Text by Phil Fried.

Eurydice, (2003), 25 minutes, Text H.D., Soprano and Chamber Orchestra.
Parts and score available.

Secrets Revealed: Opera Bob Opens His Drawers (2009) 2 Arias for the Minnesota Fringe Festival review on youtube 
 Sopranos Lament    I Lost...

Solo Voice and Orchestra

Ancient Texts (1985) soprano, baritone, orchestra, 12 minutes parts & CD available. Texts by Sappho and other Greek poets.
Selections 4 and 5


Memories (1980) mixed chorus, piano (2) 10 minutes parts available, Text by Phil Fried

Psalm 51 (1982) -- Corpus Christe NYC mixed chorus 8 minutes parts available

Light Prevails, (1995) SATB, text Sherry Edgeberg, tonal 5 minutes

Vocal Chamber Music

Four Whitman Songs (1981) (String Quintet No. 1) soprano, string quintet (arr. for soprano, violin, piano) 10 minutes parts available. "The Mulittude" arranged for harp and soprano.  Selection 63

Meditations and Satires (1985) Fromm Foundation Commission (Revised 1988) soprano, violin, cello, bass, flute clarinet, horn, piano, celesta, harp 15 minutes parts & CD available.
Texts by Lao Tzu and Juvenal. Selections 19-25

Duet (1996) Phantom Arts Ensemble Commission 2 sopranos, piano, 10 minutes piano/vocal score. Text by Mina Loy

Six for Minneapolis (2005), 25 minutes, Text by William Reichard, Soprano or Tenor, and chamber ensemble. Arranged for Voice and Solo Piano. CD available. Selection 11,12

Voice and Piano
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Five Songs (1981) mezzo soprano, piano 10 minutes parts & CD available.

Lies (1979) soprano, piano 2.5 minutes CD available.
Text by Phil Fried.  Selection 40

Wedding Songs (3 songs) (1987) soprano, piano 8 minutes CD available. Text by Saffo and Catullus

Five More Songs, Songs of Love and Water (1990) soprano, piano 13 minutes CD available.
Online  Selections 10  

Song from Chinese (1992) soprano, piano 3 minutes

Sea Flowers (cycle of 10 songs) (1997) American Composers Forum/Jerome Foundation Commission, soprano, piano, 20 minutes piano/vocal score, Text by H.D. CD available.  excerpt "Evening"
On myspace Selections 29-33

Two Songs with William Reichard Texts, 2001
* An Alphabet, 5 minutes,   Selection 7
* L'oiseau, 7 minutes, soprano and piano

Minnesota Poet's Song Book (2012),
soprano and piano
Le Main de Dieu, Heid Erdrich youtube
The Cure, 
Heid Erdrich  youtube
Sweeping Heaven, Heid Erdrich
Poem 24, Kathryn Kysar

Walking Home, James Cihlar
In Progress Explaining Death to a Child by William Reichard

Vocal Cabaret Music, yes its tonal  
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Four Satires in Popular Styles (1995) voice, piano 10 minutes, piano/vocal score

* Lunar Baedecker, Mina Loy (Modernism)  
 Selection 57b

* No Spice Like Love, Dilphilus (Tin Pan Alley)
 Selection 46 midi piano

* The Surgeon, Hippocrates (Broadway)

* J'ai Gôut des Homards, Gérald de Nerval (Les Six)

Songs From a New Delineator (1999): Recipes cabaret style piano/vocal score 15 minutes

* Plain French Omlette (French style)

* Eggs Espangole (Spanish)
Online Selection 34

* Eggs on a Plate (English Music Hall)

* Mock Sausage (American)
Online Selection 57a

New Yorkers, voice, piano; Text Langston Hughes, (2006) 12 minutes

* Harlem Night Song
Arranged for band Online Selection 13
* New Yorkers
* Kid in a Park

14 Humorous concert arias/ensembles in the style of:

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Rossini, I Lost My Good Scissors, Mezzo, (2008) 
 4 minutes youtube Selection 14  
arranged for solo tenor sax and band
Copland,  A Character Without, Mezzo, (2012) 4 minutes
Monteverdi, Mr. Editorial, emsemble, (2012), 8 minutes
French Romantic, Let's Not and Say We Did, Baritone and Soprano, 6 minutes
Bel Canto, La Divina, Tenor, 3 minutes
Gluck, A Sentimental Song, Mezzo, (2009) 5.02 minutes  arranged for clarinet solo and band
Mozart, Who has Called?, Tenor, (2010) 3.30 minutes  arranged for solo horn and band
Early Wagner, A Character Never Dies, Septet, (2010) 7 minutes
Bell Canto, I Couldn't Help But Overhear, Septet, (2010) 8.30 minutes
Puccini, Soprano's Lament or Oh When Can I Die Upon the Stage, (2009) 3.30 minutes  youtube
Wagner, Brunhilda on the Beach, Soprano, (2009) 5 minutes
Verdi, Chair Duet, Two Baritones, (2009) 9 minutes
Berlioz/Handel, Of all the Roles I've Sung or You can't cast a Diva Away  Soprano,
(2009) 6 minutes arranged for Band and oboe solo 
J. Strauss by way of G&S: With Bated Breath, or It's Hard to be a Tenor, Tenor with 2 High Sopranos, (2009) 3.30 minutes   
Opera Bob Theme, Quintet, Baritone, 2 Sopranos 2 Mezzos, Tenor (optional), (2009) 2.30 minutes

Fun Stuff

A Zombie Christmas (2010), SATB Choir, 4 minutes  youtube
Wedding March (1991), solo piano or organ, 8 minutes
Take Mendelssohn, Wagner and shake and bake!!!

Children's Music


Lizzie Borden (1991) opera with an edge -- any instrumentation, 2 girls, 1 boy, chorus, and a really Big Axe! Any timing, Text by Phil Fried


A Children's Garden of Peace (2009), 10 minutes, Adult and Children's Orchestra, Strings and Band, Orff instruments, 2 Part Choir or Soloists. Commissioned by the Saint Paul Civic Orchestra.
Now on 

Songs (1995-2013)

"Peace Pole" Sherry Edgeberg, lyrics
"One Hope for the World" (Edgeberg)
"Walk in the Present" (Edgeberg)
"Lobster Quadrille"
Selection 16  and "Beautiful Soup" from Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
"Grandfather I Watched and Eagle" - Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
lyrics, unison chorus and piano piano/vocal score
"Happy Bun Bun Day"  
Bunny Birthday Song Words and Music by Phil Fried youtube
"Fishhead and Liver Stew" Words and Music by Phil Fried
youtube That, youtube  This youtube
"Build me a world" Music and Words Phil Fried
Selection 8 advanced midi


Children's Music Ensembles

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Eggs Any Style, Elementary Band, (2007) 4 minutes
My First 12-Tone Piece or Serial Music Isn't Just for Breakfast Anymore,
(2002) commissioned by the Fair School, Robbinsdale MN for youth string orchestra and narrator. CD available. Selections 41-45
Many Band Arrangements of these arias for solo instruments.

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